Debating at the Oxford Union

As many of you know, I was recently invited to debate at the Oxford Union. The motion I was invited to speak in proposition of was; “This House Believes A University Must Be A Safe Space”.

The debate took place on the 11th of May. I’ve waited to publish this post, so that I could embed video of my talk below.

Debating at the Oxford Union is such a unique experience, it’s often called a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I was honoured to be invited to speak on such a sensitive topic. I also had a feeling of being overwhelmed, I had never debated before, and now I was jumping straight into the deep end by going to the Oxford Union!?!?! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at Universities before sure, but this was nothing comparable.


The dispatch boxes used to be in the House of Commons, world leaders frequently talk here, so needless to say, this was big.

I went, I debated, sadly the votes did not go in our favour, but it was still a positive experience, and it is one I would accept again if given the opportunity.

Warning: I would advise against reading the comments on the Youtube video due to abusive content.