Global Greens LGBT+

An image of a rainbow flag flying alongside the Global Greens logo.

Today,  the website for the Global Greens LGBT+ Network launched, with it, a series of announcements about the future of the network, and the announcement of the Interim Coordinators until Global Greens Congress 2017.

The Global Greens LGBT+ Network will aim to “facilitate networking and cooperation between LGBT+ groups in Green Parties across the world.” and it’s going to be an amazing opportunity, as it will mean that Green Parties across the world can cooperate and support each other on LGBT+ matters. It gives us a space to share best practice and policy suggestions. It means that we can increase participation of LGBT+ people within Global Greens.

I am extremely proud to have been announced as one of the Interim Coordinators alongside Sean Mulcahy. Sean has done really impressive work in helping to set up Queer Greens Victoria, so being able to work alongside Sean is a wonderful opportunity, especially considering we’re both extremely driven to setting up the new network, and making it a success.

I’d really recommend following the new network on twitter @greenslgbt and liking on facebook ‘Global Greens LGBT+ Network‘ It’s an exciting future ahead, and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.