Debating at the Oxford Union

As many of you know, I was recently invited to debate at the Oxford Union. The motion I was invited to speak in proposition of was; "This House Believes A University Must Be A Safe Space". The debate took place on the 11th of May. I've waited to publish this post, so that I could [...]

An attack on our Democracy

I was hoping to be able to write this evening about the West Midlands Mayoral Debates, and whilst I likely will do that, albeit later in the week. I felt it important to address the incident today in London. Today, regardless of motivation, or the identity of the attacker, we saw a suspected terrorist incident, [...]

Positive things from 2016

This year has been horrible in so many ways, from Celebrity Deaths to Brexit and Trump, but in each of our lives, there have been good things too. So these are my positive things from 2016.  January In January, the world was watching a puddle. Meanwhile, in Coventry, we were preparing for a council by-election [...]

Speech to Coventry Uni about TDoR 2016

Transgender Day of Remembrance is held every year on November the 20th. Tonight (18th) I had the opportunity to speak at Coventry University about TDoR ahead of this year's commemorations. I've decided to publish my speech, so please find it below. Aimee Challenor speech to Coventry University LGBTIQA+ Society TDoR Event 18th November 2016, Coventry, [...]

An image of a rainbow flag flying alongside the Global Greens logo.

Global Greens LGBT+

Today,  the website for the Global Greens LGBT+ Network launched, with it, a series of announcements about the future of the network, and the announcement of the Interim Coordinators until Global Greens Congress 2017. The Global Greens LGBT+ Network will aim to "facilitate networking and cooperation between LGBT+ groups in Green Parties across the world." [...]

GPConf – Trans Policy PASSES

Today has been a really positive day at the Green Party Autumn Conference, and I would like to quickly thank everyone who supported the C4 – Trans Identities are Valid motion, and helped us get it passed! It had 8 people oppose it, but over ONE THOUSAND people support it!   That means that the [...]

Extending the Green Party’s trans policy even further

The final agenda for the Green Party's Autumn Conference is now published and available to members. My motion to further the party's policy on Trans Identities is in position C4, meaning it will likely be heard on the Saturday of Conference.   It's a simple motion, so it should pass easily, the synopsis is only [...]