Scottish Greens prepare for GreenYes2

Patrick Harvie MSP and Ross Greer MSP at a Scottish Greens event.

Patrick Harvie MSP and Ross Greer MSP at a Scottish Greens event.

When the EU Referendum result was announced; England and Wales voting to leave, Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to Remain. People almost immediately began to talk about the future of the United Kingdom as a Union itself. After all, why is it fair that countries which voted to Remain, should be pulled out of the EU alongside England and Wales? After the result, Nicola Sturgeon refused to rule out a second Independence Referendum for Scotland.

Scottish Greens Co-Convener, Patrick Harvie, after the EU Referendum said; “Europe is part of our history, our culture and our identity. We voted to stay, and that’s what we’re going to do.” In today’s edition of the Scottish pro-Independence newspaper – The National, the Scottish Greens’ plan for a second Independence referendum has been released.


The National Front Page 10/08/16 | Click image to load article.

A spokesman for the Scottish Greens said to The National: “Ahead of our conference in October we will be announcing to our members proposals for relaunching the Green Yes campaign.

“Greens played a key role in the 2014 independence referendum and we will play a leading role in any forthcoming decision on independence. Our new campaign material will inevitably include the reasons why Scotland should remain a member of the European Union and what currency we should have post-independence. We look forward to discussing these ideas with other pro-independence parties and the wider Yes movement.”

Where do I stand on Scottish Independence?

I’ve been asked before what my views are on Scottish Independence, and I’m quite clear that in my head, it should be up to the people of Scotland to decide, not MPs in Westminster or MSPs in Holyrood, but your day-to-day Scots, the teachers, the students, the musicians, the comedians, the shop workers, the Hospital workers, the Tech repairers. The same as the last referendum, and the same as the EU Referendum. It is not uncommon for the UK to hold referendums in regards to British rule, we’ve done it with the Falkland Islands (in which they overwhelmingly voted to Remain) and the playing field has changed dramatically since the last Scottish Referendum; the Leave result, and slower devolution than promised both spring to mind. So it seems only fair to hold a second referendum, so that Scotspeople can decide their future.



The front cover image of The National on 10/08/16 is used from The National with thanks. The header image of Patrick Harvie MSP and Ross Greer MSP at a Scottish Greens event is used from The Scottish Green Party with thanks.