Extending the Green Party’s trans policy even further

The final agenda for the Green Party’s Autumn Conference is now published and available to members. My motion to further the party’s policy on Trans Identities is in position C4, meaning it will likely be heard on the Saturday of Conference.


It’s a simple motion, so it should pass easily, the synopsis is only a few words long; “This motion would affirm that the Green Party believe that the identities of Transgender People are Real and Valid, and that we shall respect them.”


I’d like to thank the following people for supporting the motion;

Molly Arthurs, Kathryn Driscoll, Lee-Anne Lawrance, Elliot Corner, Lucas North, Clare Phipps, Daniel Chester, Fez Endalaust, Jennifer Anderson, Alexander Catt, James Larkin, George Broadley, Kia Pope, Ieuan Hall, Richard Jenking, Blake Roberts, Charlene Concepcion, Paul Donovan, RoseMary Warrington, Charlotte Ward, Sarah-Jane Riley, Oscar Gillespie, Emma Leigh, Samantha Pancheri, Samir Jeraj, James Foster, Lowri Jones, Chandler Wilson.


Members of the Green Party of England and Wales can view the Final Agenda on the Members Website here.